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So, I’m Ruth. I have worked with hundreds of people to make powerful and lasting changes to their lives. I achieve this by using innovative and exciting techniques with my clients to help them develop a positive and confident mindset. A key belief I hold is we all have a purpose, and the journey in finding this purpose can be exciting, frightening and at times painful. This said, it is more importantly, incredibly worthwhile.

I do not believe in a 'one size fits all' approach to therapy as I want to get the best results I can for my clients. Tailoring sessions to best suit the needs of each person is essential. 

As a well established Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach I have plenty of success stories under my belt (read more here). I offer both short and long term work, face to face and online.

I do have a direct approach as I aim to get results for my clients but I also want people to feel completely at ease with me and leaving my room feeling positive and empowered after each and every session!


I have certainly battled and overcome my own issues with anxiety and depression and this has given me an added insight and understanding into what my clients are going through. Plus the knowledge and belief that it is completely possible to make huge changes that last!

I provide absolute confidentiality and privacy for every client. Trust in this area is a huge part of my role. I have undergone extensive training and consider this an ongoing process to ensure my skills and knowledge are always up to date. 

You will find me straight talking, honest and fun. This comes with my enormous passion and commitment to help people overcome whatever worries, problems or anxieties they may be experiencing. 

I am genuinely inspired by what people are capable of achieving, and love watching people develop and flourish during our sessions. 

The first step to finding your true self is just one click away.

Read my story here

You are curious.... What signs are there and what do I help with....

  • You are not doing what you love and addicted to just keeping busy...waking up daily feeling exhausted. 

  • You are overwhelmed, and life is complicated...you don't know how to simplify.  

  • Retail therapy....spending money helps soothe a stressful day.

  • You are running on fumes, emotionally drained, and unable to meet the endless demands

  • You are exhausted living someone else's dream. 

  • You do not know who you are anymore. 

  • You have outgrown your environment and are not sure what's next.

  • Dreaming has become draining, so you stopped. 

Join my facebook group HERE to be surrounded by other women feeling the same... We have built a community of love, support and transformations!

Personalised and unique sessions working on....

Boosting Confidence

Releasing Anxiety

Boosting Self love

Removing Self limiting beliefs

Growth Mindset

Change your mind, change your life

New You. Starting Now!

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