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"Thank you so much!! Since our session I feel so much lighter and free, long may that continue. You have helped me so much. I have felt the benefits and wouldn't want to change this feeling.
You are amazing at what you do!!

Jill J

"Hi Ruth, I want to thank you so much. This is mad but my head feels empty of all the things I felt guilty and angry about. I feel so much better in myself all because of you. I've never felt like this, I am now comfortable in my own skin. You are amazing at what you do, I am so happy I now have you in my life."

Lynn R


"I have just had my first coaching session with the amazing Ruth Dive.... I have had my first taste of TimeLine Therapy and OMG wow wow wow wow wow. So simple yet so empowering.

The power of this coaching is amazeballs!

Aaron W

"I lacked confidence, low self-esteem and felt very lost. With Ruth's support and encouragement, I am gaining confidence daily. I am even believing in myself. I feel happy and worthy. Ruth Thank you so much."


"Ruth you are amazing at what you do. I wanted to take the time to tell you how much the sessions have changed my life. i really mean that. You got to the crux of it and helped me understand myself. I feel confident knowing whatever happens I will be OK."


"Ruth did an amazing job helping me overcome my fear of flying. From the moment I contacted Ruth she was so approachable and helpful. I felt straight away that I could trust her. Ruth helped me focus on what is important. I wanted to be able to go on a plane happily, since our sessions I have been on 4 different flights!"



"Ruth has one of the hardest stories, She has been through so much yet dedicates so much to helping others. She amazes me every time I see her. If you are struggling get in touch with her. She has helped me so much and I highly recommend her. She is so calm and warm hearted."


"I came to you feeling silly about my problem. I felt comfortable telling you my story, and my only negative is against me and that I didnt come sooner. My relationships have changed since working with you. I have a new outlook on life and never compare to others. Life changing! Thank you."


"I am stronger now than I ever was before. I was also never this brave! Thank you Ruth I plan to change my own world drastically!"


"I am not sure how you are so positive. I want to be like you! You bring sunshine to so many."



I had the pleasure of attending HeartHealing with Ruth, something which I wasn't sure it would entail, yet I knew it was something that I thought would be beneficial for me to undertake.

Ruth allayed my worries and answered all my questions about what the session would look and what I could expect.

Due to the nature of my past experiences, I knew this was going to be a difficult thing to voice and open up about, but from the initial information I sent over to Ruth, she was kind, reassuring and made me feel at ease prior to the session.

The session itself was incredibly powerful and required me to address and confront things in my heart I had buried for years and years. I don't think I could have got through it without the safe and steady guidance of Ruth, who reassured me during the session and was like having a best friend at my side.

Unpacking so many buried feelings and speaking out was certainly an experience that left me a little emotionally drained, but Ruth had advised me it may initially feel that way and that the emptiness was there to allow new love and positivity to flow in.

Well she wasn't wrong!

Since the session I feel lighter, more positive and my outlook has changed completely surrounding the things that used to burden me with guilt. I am now empowered, Ruth has helped me armour up with the tools to look at difficult relationships in a whole new light.

I really can't tell you how much this process has helped me, if you are considering HeartHealing then please go through the process with Ruth. She is sensitive, supportive and understanding and extremely talented in her field. You will come away with what I can only describe as a stronger, purer, guilt free heart which is ready to allow into it, an abundance of joy and peace that every one of us deserve.

Thank you Ruth, from the bottom of my healed heart

“I had a lovely heart healing session with Ruth Dive and am blown away by how powerful the healing was after just one session. I found the guided meditation was able to get me to a deep relaxation and vivid visualization for my healing. Ruth has a beautiful relaxing voice. She is an absolute Gem! “

- Jadine

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